2007 Foals
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APHA Black Tobiano Stud Colt Born:  February 12
Sire:  Kelly's Easter Jet  Dam: Evil Anny
This colt is not for sale but too pretty not to show off.   I don't plan to breed Anny again due to her age and the fact she is a great saddle mare.
AQHA Sorrel Stud Colt      Born:   March 6
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy  Dam: Stradling Rose
This is the first colt we have gotten from our young QH stallion, but he is a real dandy! 
APHA Black Tobiano Stud Colt    Born April 5
Sire: Kelly's Easter Jet  Dam; Easy Jet Rose
This pretty boy is not offered for sale at this time.  He is a real sweety.
APHA Black Overo Filly                  Born: April 16
Sire: Kelly's Easter Jet  Dam: The Reflector
This is the sweetest filly, lovely long lines, minimal white, with a side spot and belly spot.  I have not registered her, but expect her to be overo.                             A steal at $800
APHA Blue RoanTobiano Filly     Born:  April 19
Sire: Kelly's Easter Jet Dam: Sunny Rose Areta
This striking filly is going to be a beautiful mover, easily show quality, many show and performers in her background.  This is a quality filly.                                                     $2000
APHA Bay Tovero Filly                 Born:  April 30
Sire: A Social Affair    Dam:  She's No Gamble
This is a lovely filly . Very beautiful markings, great conformation and muscling.  She is a very friendly baby and will make a super show horse  and your next best friend!                                     $950                            
APHA Black Tobiano Filly  Born:  May  7
Sire: A Social Affair  Dam.:  I Bee Treasured
Really classy filly, baby doll head, beautiful lines and well muscled  Lots of speed and show performers in her background.
APHA Bay Tobiano Stud Colt    Born:  May 15
Sire: Kelly's Easter Jet     Dam:  Poco Joker
This is a big, good looking colt who will grow big and stout and have lots of bone and really thick muscling.  Will be able to jerk steers or carry a big guy when he is grown.                    $800
APHA Brown Tobiano Stud Colt      Born : May 29
Sire: Kelly's Easter Jet  Dam: Dirt On My Frosting
This is a very pretty colt and he will have a nice head, be big and tall and just look like his very beautiful dam.  Very nice personality.         $600
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APHA Black or brown solid filly      Born June 21
What a little cutie!  She is fine and delicate as any deer!  Very pretty doll baby head, , clean little legs, will be well muscled yet very feminine!  Last year's fillly was just a love.  This gal is very athletic and will amke a great using horse.                                           $500       
He's Ba-ack!  This one is a survivor! A month without mom!
AQHA Red Dun Stallion              Born July 1
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy  Dam:  Peppy's Dandy Honey  This guy has it all!  Very pretty color and a build to die for!  Our second foal out of our young QH stallion and the stallion and mare both performed well in this cross.  Should be very cowy.                           $2000
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Unregistered sorrel stallion  Born June 9
Sire: Kelly's Easter Jet      Dam: Fancy
This baby disappeared before he turned two months old.  We just found him after being gone a month.  He has a wire cut, and is a little thin, but will be OK after some feed and TLC.
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