2009 Foals
Slash RS Paints
AQHA Red Dun Filly Born Feb. 18
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy
Dam: Stradling Rose
This cute filly was Dunny's first red dun of the year.   SOLD Thanks Charlie and Anne 
APHA Tob-Overo Colt Born April 28
Sire: Kelly's easter Jet
Dam: Sunny Rose Areta
This is a great colt, Lacy gets frist choice at him.  Not officially for sale yet.                                          $450

APHA Grullo Solid Filly  Born May 10
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy
Dam: I'm Just Intimidating
This is an eye popping filly even without any pant marking!  Big correct and that awesome grullo color.  Just a little chrome to set it off.                                          $750
Unregistered Sorrel Overo Colt
Born June 25
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy AQHA
Dam: Hot Shot Jet, Pinto sired by Kellys Easter Jet
This is a really stout and built guy who will do everything!  Chrome!        $450

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APHA Sorrel Tovero Filly    May 4
Sire: A Social Affair
Dam:  Amber's Red Dawn
This filly has the cutest face. one blue eye and one brown eye.  She will be good sized and athletic.
AQHA Sorrel Filly   Born: July 3
Sire Dunna Be Peppy
Dam:  Pepppy's Dandy Honey
This great filly is a rerun of last years great filly.  Excellent foundation bloodlines, nice attitude, dark pretty sorrel color, really cute face.  Very athletic! Not halter broken.                                 $400               
SOLD-Thanks Richard
APHA Brown/Black Overo Colt  April 14
Sire: A Social Affair
Dam: I Bee Treasured
This flashy guy is suitable for show and work.  He will be good size, nicely put togeher and have a nice temperment.
APHA Homozygous Tobianno Colt
                                        Born July 7
Sire: Kelly's Easter Jet
Dam: Dirt On My Frosting
This colt has not been tested, but he looks like he is homozygous for the tobiano gene, meaning, he will always sire a paint, even with solid color mares.  Stud Prospect!!!                                                         $700
APHA Solid Stud Colt   Born July 12
Sire: A Social Affair
Dam: Dalton's Last Treasure
We always get an excellent foal from thsi cross and it is the same this year!  This one has quality written all over him.  Shanda has the first dibs on this colt, if she passes, I'll put him up for sale.
SOLD, Thanks Shanda and Jason
SOLD-- Thanks Laura and Allen!!!
SOLD Thanks Servando
APHA Red Dun Solid Colt Born   March 25
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy (AQHA)
Dam:  Amber Easy Jet
This awesoem colt will be the envy of all who don't own him!  He is cnoformed just right, with plenty of muscle and has the perfect color as well.                   
SOLD Thanks Laura and Allen!!!
APHA Dun Tobiano Filly   Bron April 14
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy (AQHA)
Dam: Easy Jet Rose
This is a handsome filly!  A great buckskin dun color with a nice pattern.  Should be big and stout and be able to work and perform in many disciplines.    
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SOLD, Thanks Dusty!
SOLD thanks Dusty!
SOLD Thanks Shannon and K.K.
SOLD! Thanks Krystina and Robert!
  SOLD APHA Dun Tobiano Stud colt
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy AQHA
Dam: Casey is My Name
This is a great looking colt with all the color and pattern you coudl ask for. Very freindly!       $800
SOLD Thanks Jennifer and Erik!