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2010 Foals
APHA Black Overo Stud Colt   BD Mar 11
Sire: Kellys Easater Jet
Dam: The Reflector
This colt has great bloodlines and color He is a great stud propect! Will be big and handsome!                                     $1200
SOLD Thanks Robert and Krystina!!!!
APHA Solid Bay Filly                BD Aparil 13
Sire: Kellys Easter Jet
Dam: Amber Easy Jet
This is a really cute and built filly, already very stout, very great personality.  Should be extremely athletc                         $650
APHA Solid Sorrel Colt         Born May 4
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy (AQHA)
Dam: Easy Jet Rose
This is a handsome, long leggerd guy with all kinds of class. Will be big and do whatever work yo'd like. Doc Bar on top and Easy Jet on the bottom.
WOW!! APHA  Overo Stud    Born May 13
Sire: A Social Affair
Dam: I Bee Treasured
This eyepopping colt is a stud prospect deluxe! Tuxy's last stud colt for us is awesome! Excellent conformation and bloodlines.                                 $1800
APHA Sorrel Overo Filly  Born May 15
Sire: Kelly's Easter Jet
Dam: Sunny Rose Areta
Really flashy little filly, may turn roan.
All kinds of well known perfomrers in her background.                       $750
APHA Palomino Tovero Filly  Born May 28
Sire: A Social Affair
Dam: Amber's Red Dawn
This is Tuxy's last filly for us and she is a dandy! Big, built and oh so flashy! Tons of performers in her bloodlines
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SOLD-Thanks Miguel and Juan!
SOLD--Thanks Miguel and Jusan!
Solid Sotrrel Grade Filly
This filly will not be registered, but is an excellent quality filly anyway.
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy, QH
Dam: Hot Shot, grade mare. Very heavily muscled and extremely sweet!                                $500
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SOLD Thanks Nathaniel and family!
SOLD Thanks Steve!!!
SOLD Thanks Nathaniel and family!!
AQHA Filly deep bronw
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy
Dam: Peppys Dandy Honey
Really co bred filly, very athletic.

SOLD Thanks Daniel and Ann
SOLD--Thanks Casey and Debbie!!!