2012 Foals
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Your Best Friend Bay Tobiano Colt born  March 10
Sire: Dunny Be Peppy (AQHA) Dam: Casey Is My Name
This is one of hte friendliest colts we've seen. Very friendly and mellow and reall, really, watns to be your best friend! Will be good sized, as Casey  is a big, pretty mare.
Gambling Dun It APHA  Dun Solid Colt born March 6th
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy (AQHA) Dam: Memories of Dixie
This is the first foal out of this cross and the first foal for "Princess" as we call her and she did very well! Very friendly colt and has that nice mellow attitude. He is the great grand son of our old, favorite mare Gambling Dixie.              $750
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Name Pending APHA Black or Brown Overo Colt Born April 6
Sire: Kelly's Easter Jet   Dam: The Reflector
This is a pretty awesome colt, we nicknamed him Balck Nose Bob. He will be an awesome mature horse, as well. He is a special horse and wil make you proud. to own him. His right eye is brown, and his left eye is blue, but surrounded by dark pigment nad hair.                                                 $1000
Red Tail Doc APHA Sorrel Tobiano Colt Born April 12
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy (AQHA) Dam: Dirt On My Frosting
This is a big, leggy guy with all sorts of muscle! He is nice and flashy and born to work for you. So many perfomrers and workers in his background. Need a great using or show gelding? He's the one. A mellow guy who likes his chest scratched.                                                             $750
APHA Solid Sorrel Colt                Born May 29
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy (AQHA) Dam: Amber's Red Dawn

He is very correct, cute star and two hind socks. Very flashy colt and is bred to be ridden! Last year's colt looked almost exactly like this one and was an awesome colt with great mind and mellow attitude.  A bargain!
APHA Red Dun Roan solid Filly                            Born June 3
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy (AQHA)  Dam: Glow Bar Jet

This is a beautiful red dun roan filly with wonderful bloodlines. This filly is built and a great color. She has a lot of performers in her background and will be very athletic and able to do pretty much what you want.   

  SOLD! Thanks Tapainga!!                               $650
Grade unregistered sorrel overo filly            Born June 2012
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy(AQHA)
Dam: Hot Shot (grade)
This is a very gorgeous and friendly filly with a blue eye and a really cute face. will be a great friend and performer.
Lots and lots of chrome and lots of intellect.         $ 400
SOLD--Thanks Tasha!!!
Carmelina: APHA Red Dun Filly.
A real jwewel, . Sire: Dunna Be Peppy and Dam: I'm Just Intimidating

SOLD--Thanks so much, Tasha!

APHA Bay Tobiano Colt Born: Sept. 15
Sire: Kelly's Easter Jet Dam: Amber Easy Jet
This is a pretty colt with a great build and lovely color and  pattern. He is extremely athletic and light on his feet. A real great colt, ready to go anytime.                       $750
SOLD--Thanks Marlena!
Lil' Bit  Sorrel Overo Colt                      Born: Sept. 3
This colt was born a fraction of the size of a normal colt and he remains very very small at four months of age. I am sure he will remain an undersize horse his whole life. He is cute as a button and very mild.
                                                                $300 OBO

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SOLD--Thank you, Jason!
SOLD--Thanks Juan!!!
SOLD Thanks Renee and Brian!!
SOLD! Thank Teri, Wayne and Nick!!!!