2013 Foals
Slash RS Paints
APHA Bay Roan Solid Filly       Born April 22
Sire: Kelly's Eastr Jet
Dam: Sunny Rose Areta
This is such a pretty girl! She has a gorgeous little head with a sweet star. She is solid bay but looks like she will roan out. Very correct and just oh so nice.
                                                           $650, as is
APHA Buckskin Overo Colt                    Born April 22
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy AQHA
Dam: Memories of Dixie
This is such a nice colt, a person can't mind he is solid. He is really well built and has a nice eye. Last years full brother was just a gem to deal with . This one most likely will be, too. Lots of performers in his pbackground, should be big.                  $850
Brown Tobiano Filly                          Born May 17
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy AQHA
Dam: Dirt On My Frosting
Very cute and correct filly. Will be sweet, all out of this dam are just really nice.

Solid Sorrel Colt                               Born May 19
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy AQHA
Dam: Amber's Red Dawn
This is a very correct colt and will be a great additon. Very mild temp really handsome.
SOLD: Thanks Charlie and Susie!

APHA Bay Tobiano Colt                               Born May 23
Sire: Dunna Be Peppy AQHA
Dam: Glow Bar Jet
This is a cute guy for sure! Very neat face and will be a looker. Seems to be pretty mild temperment. Lots of performers in his bloodlines.
Sale Pending--Thanks Marlena!
Sorrel Solid Filly                         Born July
Sire: Kelly's Easter Jet
Dam: Amber Easy Jet
Thiis a ery orrect filly with a tad of chrome. She is extremely athletic and this cross is always oen of the best.  SOLD     $550
Black Solid Colt                      Born August
Sire: Kelly's Easter Jet
Dam: The Reflector
Thi is a very handsome colt, looks like he will be built like his sire. Nice mind and friendly. Big and athletic enough to do whatever you like.
SOLD Thanks Monte and Terry
SOLD! Thanks AShley from KS!
SOLD--Thank you Ace!!!