2004 Foals
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Dixie's Social Gambler
Palomino Tob-Overo Filly. BD April  16, 2004   Sire: A Social Affair APHA,
Dam:  She's No Gamble APHA 
30 Days pro training , will be bred to our Red Dun AQHA Doc Bar bred stallion                    
Bees Treasured Sting  #776,051
Awesome Black Tob-Overo Filly. 
BD April 24, 2004
  Sire: A Social Affair, APHA
Dam: I Bee Treasured, APHA     
A Real Cutie!  Black Balc Face Filly
Sire: A Social Affair APHA Dam: Cute Honey APHA    Born May 1,  2004             $1000
                                                              Poco Joker Jet
Black Tob-Overo  Gelding!  (Finally!)  Sire:   Kelly's Easter Jet, APHA, Dam:  Poco Joker, APHA  Born May 14, 2004                                 $1000
Look at all this chrome!!!  This solid grullo filly  is really a  beauty and very sweet as well!  Sire: A Social Affair APHA, Dam: Casey Is My Name, APHA
Born: May 21, 2004                       $900

All Reasonable offers will be considered.
Delivery is possible for an extra fee.
These yearlings are home raised with no known defects or abnormalities.
We do take payments, prefer one third down to start.
If you require more than 30 days after down payment to pay off horse, resonable board fees will be charged.
These are good ranch raised babies, still running out among the mesas and conyons, they see cows, predators etc., and are rock footed and tough.
Peponita's BlackMagic
Eye-Popping Jet Black Solid  Filly
Sire: Kelly's Easter Jet, APHA,
Dam: Peppy's Dandy Honey, AQHA   Born May 5, 2004         $900
SlashRS Buckskin Lady
Big, Tall Buckskin Tobiano Filly
  Sire: A  Social Affair, APHA,
Dam: Skip Bar Wagon, APHA 
Born May 13, 2004  100 days with a trainer doing well.     $2500          
Slash RS Cover Girl
Big Stylish Black Tovero Filly 
.Sire: A Social Affair, APHA,
Dam: I'm Just Intimidating, APHA,  
Born June 19, 2004                   $1200
  Slash RS Iceman
Palomino Tovero Gelding
Born August 7, 2004 
Sire: A Social Affair 
Dam:  Easy Jet Rose 
Loud Bay Tovero Geldingt Sire: Kellys Easter Jet, APHA, Dam:  Sonny Rose Areta APHA.  This colt will be a good one! Easy Jet, Mardelle Dixon, and Sonny Dee Bar all within four generations. 
Born  June 9, 2004                                                                                                                            $750
Really neat colored Overo Pinto Gelding.
Sire:  Kelly's Easter Jet, APHA,
Dam: Rays Little Fancy, Pinto. 
Born  May 3, 2004 
45 days riding and he is riding around real good.                                  $1200            
Sold--Thanks Elaine and family of Cave Creek
Black Tovero Gelding  Sire: A Social Affair, APHA  Dam:  Dirt On My Frosting, APHA   Born June 22, 2004                  $1250           
Sold--Thanks Josh and Cara
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Thanks Tom and family of Glendale!
SOLD--Thanks Lacy of NM--Merry Christmas!
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