2006 APHA Bay Tobiano Stud Colt
Slash RS Paints
This is a very well built colt and his coloring really catches your eye too!  He will be very stout and able to jerk a steer.  These foals of Ambr are alwasy nice and grow up to be very beatuiful.  They have nice minds and although they can start out a little high, they calm down very well and very quickly.  This is a definite stud prospect, and he has a full brother producing foals in Tucson.  He is catty and very athletic and knows people are nice, too.  He even has  a cute little heart on his left cheek.  This one will be a keeper, so don't miss him.
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This page was last updated: June 2, 2007
Easy Jet (AQHA)
Indian Music
Easy Jet (AQHA)
Tobiano Rose
Tinky Sugar Bar
Steed Tam (AQHA)
Stellar Feller (AQHA)
VooDoo Easter (AQHA).
Easy Jet Too
Easy Kate
Chester Jet
Evil Eye
Wakaras Easter (AQHA)
Ester Dot
Kellys Easter Jet.
Ima J Bar Too
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Sporty Boots (AQHA)
.Game Plan (AQHA)
Amber Star 3 (AQHA)
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Jingle Eyes (AQHA)
Clover Pitch
Tango Boots
Ambers Star Plan (AQHA)
Coys Two (AQHA)
Ima J Bar Bull
Thats My Jetta (AQHA)
Amber Easy Jet
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