Beef for Sale--2 ways to buy

Ranch raised on our ranch in the Big Horn Basin, this beef came from our good black Angus cattle. Grew up running free on grass, and was finished on 90 days of grain. This is all natural beef, no hormones or antibiotics. It's the same beef we eat ourselves, and is packaged professionally.

One  half a beef will weigh approximately 300 lbs. Priced at $5.50 per lb hanging weight, this price is all inclusive. You'll get the full assortment of steaks, roasts, ground beef, etc.  A great value and you can fill up your freezer pretty quick here.

Deposit required on halves
 Please call or email me for more details.
landline: 307-868-2161

We sell burger by 20 lb lots at $115 per lot or beef by the halves at $5.50 per lb.  hanging weight on the rail at the processors. 

The burger is vacuum packed in 2 lb packages, and is a nice easy to store rectangle, pictured above on the right.

The halves are not vacuum packed, burger is in tubes and cuts are wrapped in plastic and then in white paper, as shown above  left.